View Full Version : LF lens repair shops in or near Salt Lake City

Cleeo W. Wright
23-Apr-2001, 15:27
I have a Schneider Angulon 90mm lens that clearly has some shutter problems. I need to get the shutter tuned or replaced. Does anyone know of any resources in or around the Salt Lake City area that can help? A real quick search through t he phone book didn't turn up what I was looking for. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Don Sparks
24-Apr-2001, 09:17
Hi Cleeo. Check www.skgrimes.com. Steve has his phone number on his website...give him a call and get an estimate on repairing your shutter. Keep in mind that the Angulon allows very little movement on 4x5. I would consider buying a good used Super Angulon before spending a lot on repairing the Angulon. If you know how to get the front cover of the shutter off, you can sometimes flood the workings with lighter fluid several times and they work as good as new.

Friedrich M. Schmidt DGPh
3-May-2001, 08:47
forget the angulon and bay a used Super Angulon or Grandagon Friedrich m. Schmidt DGPh