View Full Version : Not quite LF, seems a very sick joke

Dan Fromm
17-Aug-2008, 14:48

I have one of these lenses. Back focus is on the order of 65 mm.

Can anyone tell me how it can be used to shoot at distance on a Pentacon 6? What am I missing this time?



Carsten Wolff
17-Aug-2008, 19:20
...and apparently it's off an MF aerial camera; i.e. not necessarily a reflex (?? :( ); a "special"
lens indeed.....

Dan Fromm
18-Aug-2008, 01:50
Exactly, Carsten. It was probably extracted from an AFA-39/RA-39 camera as flew on MiGs, Sukhois, ... that took 80 mm roll film.