View Full Version : largest lens for a Wista

17-Aug-2008, 13:02
What is the largest mm lens that you can put on a Wista 4x5 field camera? I use 300 with no problems but I would like to go higher. My Wista does not have a removeable bellows.

17-Aug-2008, 13:15
That's about it.

A 360mm Nikkor T I think is also usable. There may be others but I've only used my 300mm twice in 20+ years :)


Eric Leppanen
17-Aug-2008, 13:26
A Fuji 400T or Schneider 400 APO Tele Xenar would also work, although the Schneider should ideally be supported with a long-lens support arm or monopod due to the "kick" of its Copal 3 shutter.

Allen in Montreal
17-Aug-2008, 14:51
As Eric mentioned, I use a 400 T on a similar camera and it works fine.
A few years back, when I used the 400 T on a camera with a little less draw, I used a recessed board reversed and it worked out fine. I am sure it breaks a million rules of Yaw free photography etc etc, but in the field, it was just enough extra to make the less work for me.

Bob Salomon
17-Aug-2008, 17:08
As long as you like if you buy a Wista Extension Bed and a Wista Extended Bellows.

Quite long if you buy the Wista Extended Lensboard system and the rear group fits into the hole in the tube set. 28mm long Extension Tubes can be added to the basic Extension Lens Tube System for even longer lenses.

17-Aug-2008, 18:08
If you can find a wollensak Raptar 15" which focus'es at 9+ plus inches there are other tele-photo type lens'es that work that way :

Matus Kalisky
18-Aug-2008, 08:59
I use osaka 400/8 T with my Tachi 4x5. While not as sharp as my Fujinon CMW, with its weight of 500g it is the lightest telehoto lens in this focal range - and the cheapest probably too - they go around $300 or so. I think the Fujinon 400T weights 600g and Nikkor 360T around 800g.

18-Aug-2008, 14:14
In the early 1980's I had the Fuji 400T and that focused on the Wista, but I found it quite soft compared with the Nikor 360T/500T. These two could be focused if you used the extended lensboard with just the standard bellows (back in those days the Wista wood had just an integral bellows set).