View Full Version : Deardorff 8x10 - weight?

tim atherton
23-Apr-2001, 15:07
Can anyone give me an idea of what an "average" Deardorff 8x10 witghs on it's ow n - back included, but no lens etc.

Just looking for a ballpark figure.


Tim A

Carl Weese
23-Apr-2001, 16:26
Mine is between 11 and 12 pounds. I keep seeing references to others weighing more than this but I don't know what would account for the difference

Bruce E. Rathbun
23-Apr-2001, 21:32
My Deardorff weighs in at a hefty 18 pounds. I do believe that the average is somewhere around 16 pounds.

Sean Billy Bob Boy yates
23-Apr-2001, 21:48
18???? Get that scale re-calibrated man! 18 ???

The wood partially accounts for the variations in weight (Spanish Cedar? Honduran Mahogony? Ecudoran ?) as does the metal (nickel plated brass or the later stainless steel?) the bellows material, etc.

But I've never heard of a 16 lber! The 11 X 14 weighs 30 lbs. 11 - 13 lbs is more realistic for an 8 X 10 Get with Ken Hough on this but I just can't imagine a Deardorff weighing as much as a Calumet C-1

steve Barth
23-Apr-2001, 21:56
My Deardorff V8 weighs just under 12 lbs. I did however sand it when refinishing it and in may have lost a few micrograms!

Brian Ellis
24-Apr-2001, 13:41
The different numbers might be partly attributable to whether it's weighedt with or without a lens board or with or without a lens. However, the number most commonly seen is 12 lbs. The spec sheet says 12 lbs as I recall (too lazy to dig mine out to double check but it was something close to that I'm sure). I've weighed mine by getting on a scale with and without the camera and came up with a little less than 12 lbs (the scale was a crude bathroom scale) without lens board or lens. I can't imagine how the typical Deardorff 8x10 field camera could weigh 16 pounds. Deardorff did, I believe, make a studio camera at some point. Maybe it weighed 16 pounds but not the typical 8x10 field camera.

Rich Lingg
24-Apr-2001, 18:47
My Deardorff 8x10 from the late 1950s weighs it at 12 lbs., 3 ounces. That's without lens board, and with the 8x0 back and the round metal base plate at the bottom. I suppose earlier models that lack the base plate weighed less.

That being said, I'm certain that any Deardorff weighs closer to 30 lbs. after it's been hiked up and down a few miles of steep trails. Too bad I don't have room for a scale in my pack to confirm this hypothesis.

25-Apr-2001, 00:28
The Deardorff spec sheet indicates: 13.5 lbs. I have weighed a few DD 8x10s in the past four months in a lab in Columbia Univ (yes, scale calibrated and no lens boards), they ranged from 12.6 to 13.2 lbs. Averaged about 13 lbs. Lighter ones have bellows replaced.

QT Luong
25-Apr-2001, 03:00
All the specs for the 8x10 are listed in the original Deardorff litterature, see scans at: http://www.cs.berkeley.edu/~qtluong/photography/lf/deardorff/

David R Munson
8-Jul-2001, 19:25
Mine weighs in at 11 3/4 pounds.