View Full Version : Best for Acme Ilex Kodak Shutter Repair?

Frank Petronio
17-Aug-2008, 10:50
So I have a slow-sluggish #5 Ilex shutter coming (with a 14" Comm. Ektar too) -- where is the best place (ie spare parts, experience) to send it off to?

I'd like to avoid SK Grimes prices ;-p

17-Aug-2008, 11:53

Back when I needed my Ilex 5 worked on I sent it to Carol Flutot. It turned out I need a new gear trans for mine and she recommended I go to SK Grimes. I didn't want to spend the dough at the time so I just use it on bulb for 1 second and more exposures, it still works on the faster speeds.

Good luck,

17-Aug-2008, 12:01
Carol did a brilliant job on my Ilex #3. Also quite reasonable on price. Flutotscamerarepair.com


Frank Petronio
17-Aug-2008, 12:04
yeah but she isn't taking new work ;-p

17-Aug-2008, 12:52
Camtech photographic does all my repairs: 35mm, medium format and large format for more than 30 years. They are in Canada But they won't steal it. And your dollar is worth a dollar!
Regards Bill

17-Aug-2008, 13:56

Double check with Carol. She did go through some recent health problems that put things on the back burner, but I thought she was accepting new work now.


Wayne R. Scott
17-Aug-2008, 22:29
In addition to using Carol I have used Paul Ebel.

Paul Ebel Lens Services
420 21st Street North Suite #2
PO Box 141 Menomonie
WI 54751
Tel. (651) 335-8759 email paulebel44@yahoo.com


Mark Sampson
18-Aug-2008, 04:28
Camera Wiz (Frank Marshman) did a great job for me on an old Supermatic. Quick turnaround, too, without asking for it.