View Full Version : Sources for AZO conatact printing paper

Paul Palka
22-Apr-2001, 04:13
Hello, I don't have a 4x5 enlarger and was thinking of making 4x5 contacts on Az o, though it proved hard to find a source for it... I was looking for both grade s 2 and 3 in 4x5 if possible. The best I have some up with is B+h with 500 sheet s of grade 3 4x5 for $80 with a 2-4 week wait, and Calumet has 8x10 grade 2 100 sheets for $77. Anyone know where else i might be able to find some? Also any re commended developers? I appreciate any help that you may provide. Thank you very much.

22-Apr-2001, 09:40
Dan Smith, a frequent poster on this and other forums, seems to be selling a kit with a reasonble amount of paper and premixed AMIDOL developer. I'd say get it while it's hot -- I don't think that opportunity will be around again soon.

Brian Ellis
22-Apr-2001, 10:24
I don't know about 4x5 size, I've bought only in 8x10. Since 8x10 is presumably a much more popular size, you might be better off buying 8x10 and cutting it into 4 sheets of 4x5. In any event, I've bought Azo 8x10 in grades 2 and 3, in boxes of 100 sheets, from Calumet, B&H, and Freestyle Sales. Freestyle Sales has been the most reliabile in terms of having it in stock and shipping right away so that's where I'd go first. Contrary to recent rumors, 8x10 grade 3 continues to be available in boxes of 100 sheets.

24-Apr-2001, 16:38
Azo is made in only 8x10 and 20x24 sizes now. Michael Smith and Paula Chamlee are becoming distributers of the paper for Kodak.

You can reach them through their website:


On the website there are articles that Michael wrote and appeared in ViewCamera Magazine.... Good Luck! - John

David A. Goldfarb
24-Apr-2001, 18:40
Kodak no longer lists 100 sheet boxes of Grade III Azo, just 500, and I wasn't able to find any a month ago. It's not impossible, however, that there are a few boxes floating around out there. It is relatively slow, so it keeps well. I ended up splitting a 500 sheet box with two other people.

Guy Washburn
27-Apr-2001, 14:03
Also bad news about Freestyle: They no longer cary AZO in any size or quantity.



Kevin Crisp
28-Apr-2001, 15:31
I just got back from Freestyle, they have one 500 sheet box of grade 2 Azo sitting their all by its lonely on the shelf. Also, due to overstock on Oriental graded papers, they're selling the stuff half off. 50 sheets of 11X14 for $33, pretty hard to beat.

Michael A.Smith
25-Jul-2001, 22:46
Freestyle no longer handles Azo. We are now dealers of Azo. It is still available, even Grade 3-100 sheet packages. Kodak had discontinued Grade 3 in 100-sheet boxes, but we convinced them to keep it in stock, although it is now a special order. Minimum order is 108 boxes. We're probably the only ones fanatic enough to buy it. We use 500-sheet boxes, but we are Azo dealers now and want the 100-sheet boxes to be available to others who don't use as much as we do.

michael A. Smith