View Full Version : Linhof Technikardan Questions

John Hennessy
21-Apr-2001, 19:26
I have a two questions for Linhof Technikardan users. Probably dumb and/or compu lsive questions at that. 1) Does the compendium lens shade for this camera flip out of the way somehow? The B&H salesman said it does but I cannot see how. 2) T he directions say that to close the camera all the red suitcases need to be line d up on right. I cannot see any value to making the middle suitcase (the focusin g gear) line up. Seems like a wasted step. Am I missing something?


Bob Salomon
21-Apr-2001, 20:25
Perhaps you should talk to me at 800 735 4373 since we are the linhof distributo r.

To open or close the camera all red locks must be unlocked and all green ones lo cked. All controls placed on 0.

The Compendium does not flip up. It is on a square rail so it can slide off or y ou can slide it off the accessory shoe.