View Full Version : Id Old 4X5 Camera

16-Aug-2008, 11:07
Hi. Can Anyone Id this old 4x5 Camera?

16-Aug-2008, 11:09
RHS of course!

I'd say the hardware looks very much like Kodak ground cameras...

Dave Parker
16-Aug-2008, 11:26
Looks an awful like like my old Korona...


Wade D
16-Aug-2008, 12:34
It also looks similar to my old Crown View.

Glenn Thoreson
16-Aug-2008, 12:43
I don't know but I'd e happy to try it out for you for a few years. :D

Richard Rankin
16-Aug-2008, 13:05
It looks exactly like the one sitting on the table next to me, except my bellows aren't red, labelled Gundlach Maufacturing. They made Korona cameras, info here: http://www.fiberq.com/cam/gund.htm

16-Aug-2008, 13:58
Thanks everyone. They kind of all look the same . The Gundlach camera's look to be very similar in construction to what I have. I wonder what RHS means?

W K Longcor
16-Aug-2008, 17:13
Darned old age! your memory is the second thing to go -- and I forget what the first thing is! I've seen that RHS plate on a camera before-- can't remember where or when! But I can tell you - it isn't a one of a kind -- there are others.:(

17-Aug-2008, 18:23
Canon 1DS.

17-Aug-2008, 20:06
You know it LOOKS like a Korona-Gundlach, but then again all Rochester cameras did look similar. I don't think that it is a Korona however, because in my limited experience, I've never seen Koronas with that nifty folding rail before. Most that I've known have had detachable rails.

Paul Fitzgerald
17-Aug-2008, 23:00
"You know it LOOKS like a Korona-Gundlach, but then again all Rochester cameras did look similar."

If I remember correctly, it's from California not Rochester.

Dave Parker
18-Aug-2008, 09:20
At the point in time that camera was built, the fine art of design copying was pretty good, I have seen a great many cameras from that era that look pretty similar!


Joseph O'Neil
18-Aug-2008, 09:58
Canon 1DS.

argh! Will you get serious here! It's obviously the Canon 1DSa, not the 1DS. Get yer facts straight before you post next time!

:D :D :D

Bernard Kaye
18-Aug-2008, 11:34
RHS may be Roosevelt High School? Google RHS & Roosevelt High School. Bernie

Scott Sharp
18-Aug-2008, 20:53
RHS cameras were made in 4 x 5 and 5 x 7 formats. I've seen both on that auction site over the years. I had one a couple of years back and it was a fun camera to play around with. The front standard was like a wood Burke & James, and the back similar to a Korona or Crown View but not exactly alike. Clearly there was some design cross pollination going on. The most unique feature on the camera were the extension rails. They both connected to the back of the camera and were hinged so they stayed with the camera. If you didn't want two extension rails in place you loosened one and let it hang down the back. The camera was a little bulky to carry because of that, but all in all it was a nice little unit. They came in two flavors, stained and lacquered wood or battleship grey wood both with nickel hardware.

My camera belonged to local Carlsbad photographer Doerr Kimble, and I ended up donating it and a box of equipment to the historical society.

18-Aug-2008, 23:19
So RHS was an actual camera manufacturing company? Is RHS an acronym for something? I can't find anything on RHS camera's on Google.

Turner Reich
19-Aug-2008, 07:16

19-Aug-2008, 22:14

or Royal Horticultural Society maybe? An old macro photography camera?

8-Oct-2008, 20:05
Here's info about this camera. I have one in 4x5.