View Full Version : Long Shot: Need Rear Extension for Conley 5X7

Eric Biggerstaff
15-Aug-2008, 17:34
Ok folks,

I know this is a VERY long shot, but I have a circa 1910 Conley 5X7 that is in great shape and is my main camera these days. However, it is missing the rear extension and I am looking for one so I can use longer lenses.

Jim at Midwest is keeping his eye out and Richard Ritter has told me he can build me one (is there nothing he can't build?), but I thought I would ask here just in case someone has parts and pieces of an old Conley that they want to get rid of. You know how it is, sometimes we buy these old babies with the idea of restoring them but never get around to doing it.

So, if anyone has one, let me know!


16-Aug-2008, 18:13
You know, there are always these big sales of several groups of extension rails on ebay. It's a real pain, but a semi-decent way to track these things down is to measure your camera. At the very least it will tell you the width that the rail should be, the distance between the retention pins, and the thread size of the locking screw. Once you have this, you can ask a seller as to if the rail they're selling is the rail you want.


Keith Pitman
16-Aug-2008, 21:26

I agree that it's a real long shot in finding a Conley, but there are a couple of options to DIY-it---I considered this when I had a Korona without a rear extension rail, but ultimately sold the Korona:

> Buy a rack and construct it from scratch--it's really a pretty simple arrangement. I think getting the right rack size to match your pinion gear will be the key point.

> Buy an oversize extension rail and cut it down, and reconstruct to fit your camera. You will have the same issue with the rack.

Good luck.

Eric Biggerstaff
17-Aug-2008, 05:52
Good ideas, thanks everyone.