View Full Version : Chamonix users in Sydney, Australia?

13-Aug-2008, 20:46
Any Chamonix camera users in or near Sydney?

Particularly interested in seeing a Chamonix 45-N1 in the flesh... but would also be interested to see if anyone has the 5x8 or 8x10 models.

OK well please add a post or PM me if you might be able to help out. Thanks!

13-Aug-2008, 23:48
I'll probably be in Sydney in March or April of next year, with my Chamonix. Sorry, I know that doesn't help you much right now.

14-Aug-2008, 05:39
..and AUSTRIA won´t help either!


Craig Griffiths
14-Aug-2008, 14:01
Can't help with a 4x5,5x8 or 8x10, but I am taking the 8x20 to Sydney in a couple of weeks if you are interested.

15-Aug-2008, 07:40
Thanks for the offer Robert! Might still have to take you up on it... but I would really like to see one earlier if at all possible.

Robert, thanks too for your review of the Chamonix 45-N1... lots of great info... especially for a prospective buyer!
http://www.traditionalphotographer.net/Articles.aspx?Article=5 (http://www.traditionalphotographer.net/Articles.aspx?Article=5)

Haha... AUSTRIA... so close, yet so far! :)

Craig, will send you a PM in the next day or so.... perhaps we can organise to meet up if it's convenient... while the 8x20 is beyond my needs (my wallet AND me) I'd still be more than interested in seeing it!

Thanks people.

(Really thought there would be some Chamonix users in Sydney...anyone?)