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13-Aug-2008, 14:04
Is anyone familiar with both editions of James' Book of Alternative Photographic Processes? The second edition is much costlier, so I am wondering what it adds to the first. I know there is a new section on digital negatives, but if I can live without that, what else would I be missing?


13-Aug-2008, 20:25
Lots more images, section on carbon printing...

Here is a link to more info on the book...click on "Table of Contents" for a PDF file of the whole table of contents.




Jeremy Moore
14-Aug-2008, 06:38
Anupam, the 2nd edition has a lot more contemporary wisdom on the alt processes in it that is very helpful for anyone actually wanting to make prints.

14-Aug-2008, 06:45
I seem to remember the first edition beign the most expensive alternative process book I've ever bought. It remains my favorite and the one I pull off the self more than any other. This revised edition looks fantastic. Thanks for calling it to our attention, and thanks Vaughn for the link to the TOC!

14-Aug-2008, 10:02
No problem, Brian. I have a copy of the 2nd Edition, but never saw the first one. A very enjoyable book to wander through. I made my first salt print (I will try to attach it) from the instructions in it.

I also got lucky and have two images in the 2nd Edition -- one in the Platinum chapter and one in the carbon chapter.


PS...sorry that is as large as I can upload right now...

Jim Noel
15-Aug-2008, 08:54
I have both editions. I treasured the first until the second came out. I still use the first edition a lot, but when preparing to teach a class I use references to the second edition because it is more up to date and complete.