View Full Version : Ilex Paragon 14" in Ilex #5

Michael Pry
21-Apr-2001, 00:22
Can anyone give me any info on this lens and "self cocking shutter"? I have an opportunity to purchase and was wondering if anyone could tell me anyt hing about it? I don't have a whole lot of money to part with and I'd really lik e to learn to use the 8x10 I have and all I lack is a lens. Thank u all in advan ce ! Mike Pry

Michael Pry
21-Apr-2001, 08:54
ooops it is a 12 inch not 14 sorry!

Erik Ryberg
21-Apr-2001, 12:13

Ilex #5's are expensive, very large shutters. At least the "newer" ones are.

I sometimes use an f9 15" paragon on 8x10. It is a sharp lens without much contrast. Works well for some applications, less well for others. It covers the format easily; I'm not sure if the 12 inch will give you a lot of room for movement.

If you aren't too worried about getting the very best modern lens, there are quite a few inexpensive 8x10 offerings on ebay. I got a nice tessar in a Betax #5 for just under $100 a few weeks ago. It's probably a worse lens than the Paragon (really fast though - f4.5!) but anyway, that's about the price you can look for I think. Good luck with your pictures.

Michael Phifer
22-Apr-2001, 11:01
The Paragon is (most likely) a Tessar design as well. Kingslake has it listed as one in his book "History of the Photographic Lens (p 88)".

Hope this is of some help, Mike