View Full Version : What is this film?

Jim Graves
12-Aug-2008, 18:47
O.K. ... I'm losing track ... I have no idea where/when I got this film ... or, for that matter what it is!

I bought a 5x7 Pinhole camera and went to the film fridge to see what I had ... the only 5x7 I had was in a nondescript white cardboard envelope (nope, not a triple-box) ... "Pan Portrait Film ISO 125" distributed by PHOTO WAREHOUSE ... no expiration date, not development instructions, no date of sale, no notes.

I shot two sheets to test the camera and developed with Dixactol Ultra because it is virtually the same development time for all films. Turned out o.k. .... a little underexposed but that was my fault. I'd like to try HC100 with this ... anybody know what this film is and any development times for specific developers???

12-Aug-2008, 19:01
try development times for ilford fp4 ...
they say that was the same film ...

Neil Purling
15-Aug-2008, 00:27
Is there a single square notch very close to the edge?

Jim Graves
15-Aug-2008, 20:32
No, there's just one half-round notch 1" from the edge

15-Aug-2008, 20:45
FP4 is also my guess, Jim....the half-round notch is just a generic one that I have seen with other Ultrafine FP4 packages (or at least I treated it as FP4 and saw no difference.)


Jim Galli
15-Aug-2008, 21:06
I have some just like it. FP4