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Bob Salomon
19-Apr-2001, 16:27
Once again a word to the wise.

Currently on ebay the current version of the Linhof Camera Story book is being a uctioned. At last look the bid was $132.00.

This book has a current MSRP of $75.00. It is in open stock, available to any de aler who wants to sell it.

It is anything but rare.

Ken Burns
19-Apr-2001, 18:07
Yeah, Bob, on eBay common items are oftemtimes said to be quite rare. I once saw one of the old issues of the "American Annual of Photography" which usually sales for $10 or so with a starting bid of $150. I don't know if they ever found a sucker or not. Maybe the high bidder for the Linhof book will see your post and withdraw the bid.

Doug Paramore
19-Apr-2001, 18:33
Bob: The bidding must be by the same group of folks who ran the bid on a used Tachihari camera up above $600 last week. Thanks for the warning.



adam friedberg
19-Apr-2001, 22:19
there is a linhof cable release starting at $75 ....

Bob Salomon
20-Apr-2001, 06:32
They list for $32.00 to $57.00

Bob Salomon
20-Apr-2001, 09:52
Actually the release being offered, 002432, has a current list price of $27.00. Since it is only a 10" release it is not as popular as others and only came in a plastic bag rather the blister like the more popular ones.

20-Apr-2001, 15:30
Here's another ebay title "Linhof Cable Release fits Press Body". A shocking bid price! Oh Boy, I just gave away one for free a few days ago.

adam friedberg
20-Apr-2001, 16:20
but still it must be worth more than $27, otherwise ...

Bob Salomon
20-Apr-2001, 16:56
Actually the other cable release is rare. The manufacturer went out of business and Linhof has stopped selling it and the mount for it is not on the Master cameras made in the past 20 years or so. But the instructio n books and brochures still sometimes picture older Masters that still had the mount on the bed. today the spot where this mounted i s simply a metal block without the holes.

In my 21 years as the Linhof Product Manager I have never seen a working version of this release. Most have simply fallen apart as the plastic covering decayed.

Bob Salomon
20-Apr-2001, 16:57
But then you might want to catch the listing for the Technika Kardan which is ac tually a Kardan Color 45.

21-Apr-2001, 03:24
Have considered that this cable release is less common, I still think that the bidding price is pure insanity! It might be rare in other parts of the country, I have seen them quite often in NYC used market and trade shows. I wonder how much a "Linhof Technika Practice book #4" should be valued at this time. $250? Oh, NUTS!