View Full Version : Any experience with the Raptar 135 4.7?

Dennis Mollura
11-Aug-2008, 18:51
Thinking about buying a Raptar 135 4.7 for Crown Graphic 4 by 5.

Any advice?

Kevin Crisp
11-Aug-2008, 18:59
I've used this lens and it was excellent, very sharp edge to edge when stopped down a bit. Very little room for movement on 4X5. Good contrast. Very good value for the money but not really a lens for movements.

Dennis Mollura
11-Aug-2008, 19:06
Thank you. Very helpful.


Jim Graves
11-Aug-2008, 19:39
I like my 135 Raptar also ... here is a nice APUG thread link that you'll enjoy:


Alex Hawley
11-Aug-2008, 19:53
Very little room for movement on 4X5.

I'm not sure about the limited coverage. I've nearly tied my bellows in a knot and have not had coverage problem. Great lens. I think they are way underrated for some reason.

11-Aug-2008, 20:32
I have quite a few Raptars and they are all excellent lenses. [127, 162, 241, 254, 300, 305 -- don't think i missed any.]

My 162 is remarkable. I have noted that I always stop it down below 16 and never have any fall off issues. Coverage on this one seems fine so I would think within reason the 135 would be great as well. Back tilt will help if you run out of room with front movements.

Paul Fitzgerald
11-Aug-2008, 21:28
"Thinking about buying a Raptar 135 4.7 for Crown Graphic 4 by 5."

It was standard issue and marvelous, nice color rendition. The Rapax shutters work very well. The only 'problems' are getting the proper mounting ring and finding a 38mm series VI adapter ring for filters, common size on eBay.

Good luck with it.

Dave Brown
12-Aug-2008, 11:54
This lens is the same as the graflex optar; it's a nice, sharp little lens that allows some movements when stopped down. It's probably in a rapax shutter, these are amazingly robust little units. The only downside is that many examples have scratched front elements from being repeatedly cleaned by a press photographers handkerchief. But generally, if light will still pass through it, the lens will produce a decent image.

Dennis Mollura
12-Aug-2008, 22:04
:D I really appreciate all the informative responses.

Can anyone tell me what diameter the mounting hole in the lensboard is - 36 or 38 mm or something else?

Many thanks.