View Full Version : recessed lens board for super 75mm 5.6

11-Aug-2008, 17:30
I recently purchased a Super Angulon 75mm 5.6 for linhof technika 5.

I found two recessed lens board in ebay.

One is 17mm Depth of recession another is 11mm. any differance for Tech 5?

Matus Kalisky
12-Aug-2008, 02:07
Hi, wellcome to the forum!

You may serach the archives (look e.g. HERE (http://www.largeformatphotography.info/forum/showthread.php?t=37837&highlight=matus)) - not a long time ago I was looking for a recessed lensboard for my Grandagon N75/4.5 . it was long and painfull. If you will get a 3rd party one - be sure NOT to get a centered mounting hole as than the shutter will not fil (if it si copal at least). Also count with the fact that once the shutter will be 17mm deep it will be hard to set the aperture and shutter speed. If you get an original Linhof (cca 10mm recessed) you may need to ask seller wheter it is a model made for copal or compur shutters. Bob Salomon may chime in with more detailled answer. I would just add that I was surprized that the plunger (the thing where you attach the cable release on the lens bord) housing is made out of plastic and is relatively easily broken - my did not survive the shipping and it was packed reasonably well.

good luck

Bob Salomon
12-Aug-2008, 04:04
Your lens requires the Linhof 001015 lensboard.