View Full Version : Deardorff to Technika adapter

11-Aug-2008, 17:00
My wife has decided to take over my 5X7 Seneca Improved that I had been thinking about selling. Wife does not care how many cameras and lenses I buy as she knows I am unlikely to buy more than can easily afford but she does not seem to like me selling any to buy new stuff (I'll use it she says)
Anyways the Seneca uses 4X4 lensboards and my Shen Hao uses Technicka lensboards. I was puzzled about how to make an adapter as the two boards are so close in size. Looked at the Grimes site and there is an adapter for Deardorff that is also 4X4 to the Technika style. It is really more of an insert than the traditional type of adapter as is $65. I had thought it a little pricely for me right now as it is really just for the pinhole mount I have and perhaps the 90 Angulon as the 5X7 came with a homemade 4X5 reducing back but now I have also bought a 120 Angulon and so with a few lenses that could go both way and the pinhole mount it might make it more reasonalble. Anyone have any experience with this type of adapter or other suggestions?

Think in the long run the 5X7 might be used more for paper negatives than film but will see as we are also getting a plate exposure machine.