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11-Aug-2008, 10:40
Got to use my Ilex wide angle [101.6mm] lens took two shots of same subject one with the Ilex lens and one with the Rodenstock 150mm just for compareing : Ilex lens only has three stops F-8 to focus with and F-16/F-22/F-32 to shoot with thats all: Interesting Outing with the lens; Your thought's are welcome on this:

The fountain is at Coply Square Boston,Ma. shot at 7.am to avoid people and cars
Used efke iso100 metered at 50iso @3-1/2 seconds and devlp ID-11 for 12 mins and diluted 1-4

Glenn Thoreson
11-Aug-2008, 12:02
Other than the wide angle perspective making things look more distant, thus not quite as crisp (i.e. the second column) and a little convergence, I see nothing at all wrong with the old Ilex. That's what wide angle lenses do for a living. In fact the 150 shows what looks to be veiling flare that's not evident with the Ilex. I use mostly old, or downright ancient, lenses and see nothing wrong with their performance, whatsoever.

john wilton
15-Aug-2008, 18:03
Lauren, am curious about your 101 Ilex WA...is it really old? If so, would be interesting to see a digicam pic. Does it have waterhouse stops? I enjoy using 'modern' Ilex lenses (90 Acugon, 190 Acuton).

16-Aug-2008, 07:32
John: Do not know its Mfg date but here is a photo of it :

john wilton
16-Aug-2008, 09:58
Probably a Protar V ultra-wide formula, able to cover or come very close to covering 8x10? In a shutter--I'm jealous! Do you use a BTZS (or similar) focusing hood? I find it very helpful seeing the otherwise dark image of a Protar.

Glenn Thoreson
16-Aug-2008, 12:58
That lens is pretty ancient. '20s or '30s vintage. I love the look of what comes out of some of these old lenses. :D

16-Aug-2008, 18:08
John: according to the information I got off Cameraeccentrics web site it will cover up 5x7 thats it so at 4x5 plenty of play room, I get plenty of light thru it, but a dark cloth does help me,would haved liked if it had f-45 stop on it but F-32 thats it!
here is the web site http://www.cameraeccentric.com/html/info/ilexb/p6.html

OH Glenn, I also like its look for something that small : Lauren