View Full Version : Chamonix 45N-1 QR plate question

Francesco Gallarotti
10-Aug-2008, 21:54
Can anyone show a picture of the bottom of the Chamonix 45N-1 without any plate attached? I am trying to figure out which KirkPhoto QR plate I can use with it.

Brian Ellis
11-Aug-2008, 06:33
Since no one else has responded - I think the Chamonix can accept any of Kirk's plates that don't have a retaining edge (i.e. any plate that is flat on the bottom) and that is compatible with your tripod head. I used one of the Kirk Arca-style plates with a 1/4" screw for my Chamonix. I'm not sure what a picture of the bottom of a Chamonix would tell you other than the obvious, i.e. that the bottom of the camera is flat, but perhaps I'm missing something.

Don Boyd
11-Aug-2008, 07:35
Here's a link to Jack Flesher's site with a photo of the bottom of the camera. Like Jack, I have installed a Really Right Stuff B-29 plate. I haven't used it yet but it should work fine:


Peter De Smidt
11-Aug-2008, 20:00
I have a Really Right Stuff 29C on mine. It works well.

Dave - Landscapes
12-Aug-2008, 06:47
And.....I'm using a Really Right Stuff MPR-1b on mine - just because I had it spare at the time. It works fine. I took off the detachable end rail because the Chamonix comes with 2 screw mounts in the base so no twisting can occur.

No real need to use such a long rail. However, it does help to a degree when "balancing" the camera when using long lenses - I can shift the position of the camera up and down the A/S quick release plate on my tripod more so than if I used a short plate.



Len Eselson
12-Aug-2008, 17:31
Here is a skewed solution I came up with using stuff on hand.
The plate is an old RRS B83 which had a sliding 1/4X20 and two
holes which happened to take a 3/16X16 flad head screw
from the junk drawer as well as a 3/16 to 1/4 bushing.

If you are going to buy a plate, RRS stuff lists the B35 that
handles two 14X20 bolts, one of them sliding. Add a 3/16 to 1/4
bushing and it should take care of things nicely. Using two
bolts seems to me to be better than one since it guarantees
no rotation.

Len Eselson

Len Eselson
12-Aug-2008, 18:18
Woops, please read 3/8 for all the 3/16 in above post
Len Eselson

Francesco Gallarotti
19-Aug-2008, 17:57
Thank you all for your answers. I appreciated them.
Now I am just waiting for the camera to be ready to be shipped to purchase the last couple of needed items and finally the first FP-100c45 boxes :-)