View Full Version : Differense between Sinar P and P2 cameras.

Michael Dymersky
9-Aug-2008, 09:48
Please let me know what is the differense between Sinar P and Sinar P2 8x10 cameras?

Frank Petronio
9-Aug-2008, 10:22
Chrome versus black and plastic versus knurled knobs...

The metering back is the biggest difference I think, some parts are no longer interchangable between non-metering and metering, but I never was clear on how that worked.

erie patsellis
9-Aug-2008, 11:01
one other difference, the P has a lever for switching between tilt and swing, the P2 incorporates coaxial knobs. If having the latest/greatest isn't the highest priority, you can save quite a few $$ going with a P (enough to just about buy a 8x10 format outfit)


David A. Goldfarb
9-Aug-2008, 12:54
The older 8x10" back is smaller than the 8x10" metering back and is compatible with Norma-era back accessories (like the 8x10->4x5 reducing back, replaced eventually by different format kits) and smaller 8x10" bellows. I have a smaller back, and I think I bought three bag bellows before I found one the right size. But, there are a lot of P's out there that have been upgraded to the larger metering back.

Michael Dymersky
10-Aug-2008, 04:56
Frank,Erie,David many thanks for the help.Michael.