View Full Version : Identifying a mystery lens

john wilton
8-Aug-2008, 20:51
Front and rear cells look symmetrical. No identifying marks or engraving of any kind on lens cells. Black paint around brass barrel of rear cell; paint has worn off front cell barrel. Barrel looks like it has a thin outermost ring with serrated rim. Uncoated.

Appears to cover at least 8x10; groundglass looks sharp and contrasty. Will shoot a coverage test asap.

Mounted via adapters into a Betax No. 3 shutter that originally hosted a Wollensak ExWA Series III 9.5/159mm. (Shutter is identical to another one I have).

Focal length is approx. 9" or 230mm; front glass is about 20mm diameter making it nominally approx. f12.

Reflections (per cell) two bright, two faint, suggesting 3/3 layout.

Glass in reasonable shape. Shutter looks like hell, but works well enough to deserve a CLA. Any ideas on what this lens might be?

john wilton
11-Aug-2008, 16:30
Here's a coverage test on 8x10, f32, approx. 3/8" rise, overcast, 600dpi scan:


Illuminates the full area, though the corners mush out a little.