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Charles Wagon
8-Aug-2008, 09:02
I am new to the forum. I used to do large format, and have not for some time (1993). Am pondering doing so again, specifically 8x10 format for B&W contact printing.
In poking around on the web, I note that the prices for a "normal" lense (312-325mm-ish) for that format has well, increased:(

If anyone would have any suggestions on a good-new-lower price lense, or a good reliable source (and non-auction) for a used one, I could use the direction.
Part of my figuring out the cost of taking up the view camera, at least that format, again.:)

Jon Shiu
8-Aug-2008, 09:08
Hi, Midwest Photo Exchange, mpex.com , is a good source. Also, keh.com has used lenses.


Vick Vickery
8-Aug-2008, 09:11
Though corrected for close work, if you can work with a hat for a shutter, alot of process lenses can be bought cheaply and easily cover 8x10. I've found that most of them produce pretty good results even at infinity.

8-Aug-2008, 09:59
The fast 300mm can be cheap. Doesn't matter Fuji,Nikon,Scnedier or Rodenstock. The things can be so big people avoid them. If you aren't hiking or otherwise don't mind the weight they are good low budget options. These are the same lenses that new cost more.

John Kasaian
8-Aug-2008, 13:44
There are still lots of good budget 8x10 lenses out there. Be patient.
Midwest Photo is a good place to look, also you might shoot Jim Galli here a PM. I'd also see what Igor's Photo Exchange has in stock. The classified section here and over at APUG would should also be good resources. Good luck!

AND don't be afraid of vintage glass if you're shooting 8x10 B&W. Most of my lenses are older than I and they work just fine!

8-Aug-2008, 14:42
The big plasmat 300mm f/5.6 lenses are very affordable these days--often under $400 for a Rodenstock Sironar-N or Schneider Symmar-S (or equivalent). You could also pick up a Turner Reich Triple Convertible for under $300. A lot of people like the 14" Commercial Ektars and those go for 400-$500. The smaller lenses cost a little more, but are still not too far over $500. Try posting a wanted ad here and I'm sure someone has a good suitable lens.

8-Aug-2008, 15:42
This site's classifieds area: www.largeformatphotography.info/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=27 is great for used LF equipment - as is apug's for sale section http://www.apug.org/classifieds/index.php . Lots of normals (300 ish mms for 8x10) get listed and frequently at affordable prices.

For stores to check for used LF I'll ditto www.mpex.com and www.keh.com both of which seem to have major customer applause -and also suggest a look at www.lensrepro.com



John Kasaian
8-Aug-2008, 19:11
12" and 14" Kodak Ektars (especially the Commercial)
Wollensak 1a Triple Convertable
Ilex 375mm Paragon/Caltar
Wollensak 12" Velostigmat
are great lenses often found at reasonable prices.

Mark Sawyer
9-Aug-2008, 09:11
What Barry said about the newer f/5.6 plasmats. Those were very expensive when they came out, but as they made so many, they've dropped a great deal in price.

You might also consider one of the Japanese tessars, like the Commercial Congo, the Astrogon, Fujinon-L, etc. These are wonderful lenses, and largely underappreciated.

Dagors and Ektars are nice, but have a following and go for higher prices.

10-Aug-2008, 01:45
12" and 14" Kodak Ektars (especially the Commercial)
Wollensak 1a Triple Convertable
Ilex 375mm Paragon/Caltar
Wollensak 12" Velostigmat
are great lenses often found at reasonable prices.

the 375 catlars are going for a song these days! i took a beating on one i sold the other day! great lenses. very sharp,and nice wide open too. they cover 11x14 with movements too (fwiw). I saw one on e bay for 267$ opening bid that no one bid on....brand new, never used!

good luck.