View Full Version : For the mostly landscape picture Need advice!

Lee wonho
6-Aug-2008, 18:12
For the mostly landscape picture with my new chamonix 45N-1 ,max bellows draw 395mm,
Which lens is better choice?
One is Fujinon -A 300mm F9.0 ,APO type lens comp 6/4.
the other is Fujinon -C 300mm F 8.5 Tessa type lens comp 4/4.
And lens characteristic,advantage and disadvantage ?

Thank you for your a help,

Ron Marshall
6-Aug-2008, 18:34
See this thread:


I have the Fuji C, it is very light weight and a fine optic.

Lee wonho
6-Aug-2008, 18:43
Thanks ! Ron.

Sheldon N
6-Aug-2008, 20:45
You want the Fuji C for 4x5. It's smaller and lighter.

Any differences in sharpness will be very nuanced. The main reason to get the Fuji A is if you need a lot of coverage for 8x10.

6-Aug-2008, 21:20
Nikon 300mm f/9 Nikkor-M beats 'em both. :)