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Winston Chang
15-Apr-2001, 20:04
I've just recently begun printing Ilfochromes, and I've been having a lot of pro blems preventing color shifts. I'm interested in hearing from others who are mo re experienced in Ilfochrome printing and can help me clamp down on the variable s that most affect color balance.

I'm currently doing processing in a cheap Beseler 8x10 drum. The edges and corn ers of a test print that should be entirely grey had a magenta tinge to them. I s this caused by uneven agitation? If so, are other brands of drums less suscep tible to this?

I also seem to be having problems maintaining color consistency across prints th at should be identical. This probably has something to do with temperature cont rol, or lack thereof. How precise does the temperature have to be to avoid thes e problems?

Dave Anton
16-Apr-2001, 12:19
WInston, If you are serious about ilfochrome printing, I would consider looking at a proper processor. Ilford has old CAP40 Ilfochrome processors that you could find second hand. I've purchased one of these in mint condition for $600! This will take care of time and temperature and in my case, takes the headache out so that it makes me want to continue doing my own colour printing. The processor's time can be adjusted to do C-41 and even B/W.

16-Apr-2001, 18:31
I agree complete;y with Dave about the utility of the Cap 40 or even the ICP-42, which has a wash/dry option as well. Just be careful because the parts can be hugely expensive. Bleach rollers alone can be nearly $400/pair, and the pumps cost over $300. they are HUGE time and frustration savers though, and can dramatically increase your output.

But that wont help you now. In the meantime, make sure you

1)control your solution temps as closely as possible. use an aquarium heater if needed.

2)do not reuse solutions 3) try using a little more than the recommended amount. 4) make absoluetly sure there is no cross-contamination 5) pick up a copy of Ilfords booklet on Ilfochrome printing, available from Ilford only as far as I know

Dont give up yet! Ilfochrome is a beautiful but at times frustrating process. You will get it, just be patient. Try the recommendations above and please report back, that will at least narrow it down.

the brand of drum shouldnt matter.

Winston Chang
18-Apr-2001, 13:13
I have no safelight, so I do printing in complete darkness. After I load the paper into the drum, I turn on the main light in my darkroom. I actually do have a small Nova slot processor -- I haven't used it for color because keeping it filled and replenished sounds expensive for the quantity of prints I plan on doing. I would probably end up throwing out a lot of unused chemistry because it would sit around for too long.