View Full Version : Anba Ikeda parts

Mike Butterfield
5-Aug-2008, 22:42
Does anybody have a suggestion on locating a focus knob for an Anba Ikeda 4x5? I lost the front right focus knob on a recent shoot.

Gary Beasley
6-Aug-2008, 14:14
Those cameras seem designed to leave a trail of parts. Mine lost several knobs and nuts. Several of the setscrew type knobs I replaced with parts from a Stahl folder, they sell these by the bagfull and I work at a printshop with several of these machines on the floor. They are a standard metric tread so you should be able to find something from machine parts suppliers somewhere on line if you can determine the specs. I lost the keeper nut on my focus knob on mine that I replaced with a small plastic wirenut.
I now have an Ebony and the Anba is long gone.

Richard Wasserman
6-Aug-2008, 14:55
I'm sure if all else fails,Richard Ritter could make one for you.