View Full Version : Any info on Linhof Kardan Bi-system 4x5" ?

Tarek El Baradie
15-Apr-2001, 13:58
I just bougth the LINHOF Kardan Bi-system 4x5" second hand. I would like to know *anything* about this camera (e.g. date of production , classification , compat ibility to recent accessories and specialities. It is a wonderful camera, all si lver and like-new, but I really need some info from users or 'connoseurs'.

Tarek El Baradie
15-Apr-2001, 14:00
I would also like to purchase a few lensboards for that camera with various shutter sizes (0, 1, 2 & 3)...I need some recommendations on where to buy the lensboards.

Bob Salomon
15-Apr-2001, 16:00
Lensboards for the B are the same as the current GT/GTL and M Kardan models.

Flat boards are 001080 with pilot hole, 001080/0 for 0 hole, 11080/1 for 1 and 0 0180/3 for 3 shutters Recessed are 001089 and 001089/1


What info do you want?

Perhaps this will help.

Anything that fits to the front or rear standard of a B is the same as the curre nt Kardan cameras.

Nothing is available that fits to the rail,. This would include rail extensions, standards or rail clamps. We stock these for your dealers at all times.

Tarek El Baradie
15-Apr-2001, 19:58
Thanks Bob for your answer. The camera came with the standard bellows and a bag bellow attached to a sort of a standard bellow thing....this is quite strange for me. It does not act as freely as a norma bag bellow for a wide angle. It is restrained somehow.

However, do you have any prices on the lensboards and where I can get them ?

Thanks very much.

adam friedberg
15-Apr-2001, 20:29
bob has more precise info but the kardan bi was made from the late 60's (68?) until the early 80's. i haven't seen an all silver one, only tan paint. the one i had was from '72. i would guess yours is one from the first years of production. rail accessories are out there but not easy to find or cheap. lensboards and bellows aren't hard to find. the current kardan bag bellows is much better than the one you have. jeffrey at lens&repro 212.675.1900 has some accessories and many used boards. louis at photogizzmo 212.463.0130 often has bi stuff.

the bi is a great camera, possibly the best made camera i've seen.