View Full Version : Need Help/Info, Rodenstock Apo Ronal 240, 360, 485 & 600mm

5-Aug-2008, 11:46
Hello @ All!

I m new here. From Germany, so please excuse my English:)

I found this forum on the internet by typing "apo-ronal" into google.

My fahter, who died last year, had got 4 apo-ronal lenses(objektives?)
from Rodenstock. He was a "Repro-Photograph" (worked in England/London
a long time ago for company "Crossfield Ltd.")

Years before he died he told me, that those objektives are very expensive.
And if I do not need them, I should sell them.
So I m not a hobby fotograph.

I don t know the specific words.

So please, can somebody tell me more about the obektives or their value?

Apo-Ronar 1:9 f = 240mm / 9,5 in.

Apo Ronar 1:9 f = 360mm / 14 in.

Apo Ronar 1:9 f = 485mm / 19 in.

Apo Ronar 1:9 f = 600mm / 24 in.

All data is from the objectives.

I will give you some Fotos.
(Sorry, mad quality, shot a few minutes ago by mobile phone:) )

Thanks very much for your Help!

Dan Fromm
5-Aug-2008, 11:49
Apo Ronar, not Apo Ronal.

For values, look for completed auctions on ebay.de and ebay.com.

5-Aug-2008, 11:53
Was still at ebay,
But there are not really examples.

As I told by opening the thread: I m not a profi for photography.

Yes Apo Ronar :o

The f = 485 and 600 are Apo-Ronar CL ???:confused:

Jiri Vasina
5-Aug-2008, 12:05
The longer the focal lens, the more money it will fetch. If they are in perfect condition (no scratches on the glass, no fungus), it might be over 100 Euro (in the 100-250Euro range, or even more for the longest one). It also depends on the chance greatly, as everything on eBay.

I've shot some images with the ApoRonar 480mm (not CL), and it's a very fine lens.

5-Aug-2008, 12:15
Thanks for your answeres!

The are from two old Sixt-Repro-Horizontal-Cameras.

They are in a nearly new condition.
(No scratches or any signs of use)
Nobody touched them for years, only one time to put them out of the camera as
the camera had to go on trash.

100-250 for one of them!? Not for all 4!?

Jiri Vasina
5-Aug-2008, 12:20
I'm do not know the exact value, but lets say approx. 100 for each of the 3 smaller (you'll get the least for the 240mm, slightly more for the 485), and 200Euro for the 600mm. Others might chime in if I'm being too optimistic, or too pessimistic.

5-Aug-2008, 12:25
ok, thanks.

So, there are people who are interested in such objectives!?
I did not know if they are of any value in the end, because they are really old.
about 25 years or more (do not know exactly).

Ok, I will put them onto ebay and try:)

Or if somebody in this forum ist interested, of course i would sell.

Jiri Vasina
5-Aug-2008, 12:33
You bet people are interested in those things. Especially here :)

And 25 years is almost new by most Large Format standards. My most used lens is approx. 70 years old.

5-Aug-2008, 12:42
Ok, 25 years is older as I self ;)

So it is not a problem for potential buyers if the lense is 25-30 years old.

Ok, so I see, my holiday is payed :D *veryhappy*