View Full Version : Angulon and Super Angulon -- What's the difference?

Bill Tate
10-Mar-1999, 15:33
I keep seeing Angulon and Super Angulon and wonder what the difference is. The "Super Angulon" Seems to be more expensive, but how it differs from the other l ens I don"t know. Will both cover the same field so that the same movements on the camera can be used, or does the one allow for more tilts and swings? I woul d appreciate your help. Thanks.

10-Mar-1999, 16:11
do a search. Tuan has a section on this very site called something like new vs. classic. lazy just plain lazy.

james mickelson
12-Mar-1999, 06:30
Oh sure Tribb. Just beat up the newcomers. Sensitive