View Full Version : Kodak 1 8x10 Field Camera

3-Aug-2008, 19:58
Hi All,

I just landed a Kodak 1 from a local antique store. I cleaned it all up and am looking at fixing it up and using it. The only MAJOR thing that is wrong, and I do stress MAJOR, is that the bottom bit where the rails sit is cracked and the bit behind the hinge is broken and cracked and is separated from the main part of the bottom.

So, that being said. Anyone have any ideas as to how i could go about fixing this? I was batting the idea around the idea of tacking some metal braces to the bottom of the whole setup, but I think that would probably cause more harm than good since the camera is in a super brittle state. Any thoughts?


Glenn Thoreson
5-Aug-2008, 16:53
Got pictures of the damage?