View Full Version : 210 claron on 8x10: Too dark?

G Benaim
2-Aug-2008, 13:14
How dark is the 210 g-claron on 8x10? Is the field of view significantly wider than the 240? Thanks.

Erik Larsen
2-Aug-2008, 13:54
I haven't had a hard time with it being too dark. I can't compare it to a 240 as I don't have one, but it is significantly wider than my 300.

John Kasaian
2-Aug-2008, 15:53
I can't speak for the 210, but my 240 G Claron is surprisoigly bright for composing at f/9 so I wouldn' expect the 210 to be much different.

Pete Roody
2-Aug-2008, 16:50
does a 210 g-claron really cover 8x10?

Thierry Schreiner
2-Aug-2008, 16:54

Never really had a problem with lack of brighness when focusing or composing with the 210mm G-Claron.

It covers 8x10 hugely and I never ran out of the image circle.

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Gene McCluney
2-Aug-2008, 16:55
You should get a good dark cloth for any 8x10 work. This should be in the "requirements" necessary for successful large-format photography. With a good dark cloth that is big enough to be effective, almost any lens will be just fine when it comes to focusing on the ground glass. If you are wanting to shoot at night, they are all gonna be dim.

phil sweeney
3-Aug-2008, 04:17
does a 210 g-claron really cover 8x10?
Not really. I put one on a 7 x 17 and measured the circle of illumination. I never wrote down the dimensions as I had already concluded it did not. One can get a photograph with it but there is no movement what so ever. So unless you already have one it is a poor pick for 8 x 10.

Kevin Crisp
3-Aug-2008, 06:48
On coverage, my experience has been that I get 3/4 to 1" of rise. So some movement, often enough movement, but not "huge." And there have been many times that the 210 is enough wider than the 240 that I have been glad I brought it along. It is a very handy lens for many formats and relatively inexpensive, especially if you get one in a barrel mount.