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Peter Lauridsen
1-Aug-2008, 14:29
Hello all,
I bought a new Ebony RW45 this past winter and have not used it since. Yesterday when I uncovered it and wanted to play, I was surprised by the focus knobs. The focus was tooooo stiff. It was very difficult to move the slides, and was not that way in the winter. Yes the opposite locking knobs are loose. It must be humidity. I'm in upstate NY and its muggy. So is this Ebony unusable in the summer or can there be some sort of lubrication to the slides. This is one tightly built camera, but could it be too tight?

Any Help would be appreciated. Thanks
Peter Lauridsen

Joanna Carter
1-Aug-2008, 14:47
There are six screws on either rail, these are meant to be adjusted to compensate for the swelling/contraction of the wood over the seasons.

1-Aug-2008, 15:50
Hi Peter and welcome to the forum.

I own two Ebony cameras and I have been there. Below is a link to a page from Ebony that explains what to do. See question three:

3) I've noticed that in cool, dry conditions my camera movements don't feel as tight as usual. And in hot humid conditions the focusing knobs start to get stiff. Is there anything I can do about this? (http://www.ebonycamera.com/articles/FAQ.html)


Peter Lauridsen
2-Aug-2008, 12:01
Thank you both for the answer. Loosening the screws a little did the trick.