View Full Version : Folding a Lens inside an 8x10 Field Camera - Which Ones Can?

Frank Petronio
31-Jul-2008, 21:04
Of all the folding 8x10 field cameras -- are there any that can fold up with a compact normal lens mounted?

Perhaps you could also mention the size of the lens in your experience... distinguishing between folding up with a Copal 1 Fuji 240 versus a small process lens in a Copal 3 versus a big 300 Symmar/Copal 3 combo.


31-Jul-2008, 21:06
I can fold up a 240 g-claron or a 450 fujinon-c on a Ritter 8x10. Haven't tried others, a big lens won't though.

Andrew O'Neill
31-Jul-2008, 21:28
Nikkor 300 M folds up okay in my Canham Lightweight.

31-Jul-2008, 22:31
My Wehman can fold up with my Fuji 300C if the lensboard is reversed, so I assume the 240A and 450C can do the same. But, thats only if they are on Wehman lensboard, if you use an adapter board you cant close it with the lens mounted.


John Kasaian
1-Aug-2008, 00:02
I simply reverse the lensboard when there is a lens thats too big to otherwise fit in the 'dorff. Of course there are still some lenses that are still too big to fit, or are too close for comfort (14" Commercial and 10" WF Ektars are two) but I have no trounble getting my 19 Artar or 240 G Claron to ride aboard.

Pete Roody
1-Aug-2008, 08:55
Century Universal can.

Steve Barber
3-Aug-2008, 08:48
The following lenses can be put in a Wisner 8x10 Technical Field, if they are reversed in the standard, and the camera body closed on them. The 300mm is the largest lens that can be closed up in the camera. Its front and rear element lens covers just barely clear the ground glass and the camera base with the camera closed.

240mm/f5.6 Rodenstock APO Sironar S
300mm/f5.6 Schneider APO Symmar
480mm/f9 Rodenstock APO Ronar
24/f12 Goerz Red Dot Artar

Not surprisingly, a 210mm/f8 Schneider Super Angulon will not fit. I do not have the 165mm Super Angulon here to try, but I do not think the camera can be closed on it, either. Although not used on my 8x10, I did try a Schneider 305mm/f9 G-Claron and it, also, will not fit no matter which way it is turned with both elements requiring too much distance from the lens board to clear the camera base with the standard folded down.

6-Aug-2008, 04:04
A 12 inch Commercial Ektar will fit inside a Kodak Master View when folded.

6-Aug-2008, 12:02
12" Dagor fits easily inside an Agfa Ansco -as used by Brett Weston (camera not lens) :D


Michael Wynd
6-Aug-2008, 19:26
I can fold my 8x10 Tachihara with a Nikkor 300 M