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31-Jul-2008, 10:53
I'm in my research phase and am thinking of getting a used cambo to learn on. I initially thought a Toyo C would be good but I'm pretty sure I'm going to be using a 90 mm wide angle lens as well as a 150mm or 210mm. I've heard the Toyo would need wide angle bellows. Can you use a 90 mm on the cambo without changing the bellows?

I'm also interested in using roll color film since what I need to photograph is limited. Are there any special considerations regarding that? I've read that you can slide the roll film holder into most cameras? True?

I'm an installation artist so I'll be using the camera to take pictures of my work which is in studio. I'm not even sure I really need a camera with movements but I might like to experiment in the future. I'm trying to keep my camera costs down so a Cambo sounds like enough camera for what I need. Then I can put more into the lens. I'm going to buy from ebay if its a great deal or KEH. Any thought/suggestions would be great.

Jim Galli
31-Jul-2008, 11:24
Cambo made many accessories to customize their outfits. A Cambo with a 10" rail and a bag bellows is the best solution for wide angle work I've ever found. They are a very good bargain for the $$. Better still if you find an outfit set up that way so you don't have to nickel and dime to get all the right components. Many of the later Cambo's have the 'international' back. That is the one that will easily take all of the different accessory backs like rollfilm etc that are out there. Good luck, and have fun.

BTW, I meant to add that with a 10" rail and bag bellows you can still use up to 240mm lenses. I even pressed a 12" lens into service one time by reversing the front standard and streeeeeeetching that bellows to the max. Hey, it got the job done that day. A very versatile set up, and lighter than the standard set up.

Dave Wooten
31-Jul-2008, 11:56
Your least expensive venue is a crown graflex. It will do what you are asking. The back accepts many roll film holders up to 7 x 17 cm. You do not have to change bellows....90 mm is no sweat on this camera.:)

1-Aug-2008, 09:44
What do you think of the Cambo SC-2 R?