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Jeanne Flowers
12-Apr-2001, 14:03
I'm looking for a source for TMX in 11 x 14 size. B & H used to carry it but do esn't have it anymore. I contacted Kodak, and one has to buy about 65 boxes fro m them. Any help would be appreciated.

Micah Marty
12-Apr-2001, 16:20
Boy Jeanne, I didn't know Kodak still made TMX in 11x14; I haven't seen it sold anywhere for a couple of years.

I switched to HP5+ for 11x14 awhile back not just because I didn't think TMX was still available but because HP5+ is cheaper (< $4 per sheet); it's readily available (B&H, Adorama); it's less fussy about processing (I send my stuff to a lab, but still); and it's easily pushed to 640 or 800, especially handy for handheld 11x14 (needless to say, grain isn't an issue with contact printing).

One final bonus: HP5+ is available in larger sizes (up to 20x24) so if you ever go ultra-large you'll be able to stick with the same film, something you couldn't easily do with TMX. Besides, it'll still be there in 3 years; Ilford has shown far more commitment to larger formats than has Kodak of late.

But your question intrigues me, and I'm going to check back here to see whether anyone knows how to get smaller quantities of TMX than 65 boxes! Sometimes you can find other photographers interested in going in together on a joint order (maybe this site should offer a separate section for this?). But it would take a lot of interest to add up to 65 boxes.

Good luck....

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Dave Willison
12-Apr-2001, 16:55
I too switched to Ilford after years of dedicated t-max use in every format. Ilford also offers the benefit of shorter fixing times and no problems with the occasional magenta stain that can afflict t-max. I even use the same developer (D-76) that I typically use on t-max sheet films.

Swithching to a 400 speed film may change your exposure, especially if you are using a barrel lens or a pinhole camera. Other than that, I would not worry about detecting major differences when contact printing 11x14 film. One other thought: Adorama and B&H sell 100 speed Kodak Ektapan film if you are set on 100 and prefer Kodak. I've never used the film but I'm sure someone on this forum can provide details. I hope this helps.


Sal Santamaura
12-Apr-2001, 19:39
Micah, what was that about handheld 11x14??????

John H. Henderson
16-Apr-2001, 09:11
Once I quit trying to reuse fixer and began using hypo clearing agent, I never saw the T-Max magenta tint again.