View Full Version : How to convert a Symmar 240mm to 420mm.

Einar F. Saastad
12-Apr-2001, 13:09
I saw the question and answers for this similar subject of april 10. I have this lense myself, but I need some advise on how to detach the front of the lense. Are there any screws to loosen

andrea milano
12-Apr-2001, 13:31
under normal circumstances, not, however some lenses might be mounted with retaining rings or screws .

Steve Grimes.
12-Apr-2001, 15:43
The lens groups unscrew from the shutter like a bottletop from a bottle. Turn counterclockwise to loosen.

They are often stuck in place and require a fair amount of force to loosen if they are in that condition.

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Dave Willison
12-Apr-2001, 16:26
My 300/500 Convertible Symmar is converted by unscrewing the front element. I would suggest that you do this with the lensboard/lens off the camera and stationed on a padded surface. I don't convert my lens often but I recall that it seems to take forever to unscrew and then, all of a sudden, the front element comes off! The front element on the 300/500 is a big chunck of glass and I recall almost dropping it while attempting an on-camera conversion. Hope this helps.