View Full Version : VERY large Bellows?

30-Jul-2008, 05:42
I'm ripping apart and removing the things that are dumped in my darkroom/shed that I don't need. MJ is away for 2 weeks (a week and a half left) and I decided it would be best to make use of the time.

One thing I've noticed is how huge the bellows from the 10x8 enlarger are. I kept some of the parts from the enlarger (no space for it in the shed, it was wall-mountable, all I wanted was the dichroic head). They're 10x10 opening, about 3ft max extension and the front has got to be 8" square or thereabouts.

Of course, I don't need them. I have the Beseler CB-7 chassis with the DIY adapter box, I'm only using it for 4x5, and if I move up to 10x8 negs I'll need a bigger darkroom anyway.

The side is coming unstuck (previous owner held it on with tape, which has not damaged the leather) and I'm sure some bonding glue will keep them together perfectly.

Either I keep them and make some mammoth camera that requires a 20-30inch lens, or I dispose of them onto someone else.

How much call is there for a set of huge bellows?

Peter K
30-Jul-2008, 11:38
Ash, you can make a 10x8 camera and stay with contact prints in the same darkroom.

30-Jul-2008, 11:44
I have a 8x10 camera (Perken, Son & Rayment drop-bed type) that belongs to mum and sits on the shelf (has done for 20 years probably, and no doubt spent the majority of its life on somebody else's).

Maybe I should offer the bellows up here? Any idea of worth?

30-Jul-2008, 12:36
Someone with something like this may find it useful.