View Full Version : Rembrant 5X7 View Camera

Edward Kimball
12-Apr-2001, 12:49
Well I think I found a decent camera to learn large format with. I've put a bid on a Rembrant 5X7 View Camera on EBAY. I should know tomorrow if it is mine. I would appreciate a little backgound info on this camera. Thanks for the info that this forum has provided.

12-Apr-2001, 14:15
The Rembrandt is the "portrait" or studio version of the Burke and James cameras from the '50s. Used primarily for portrait/school-type shots, it has no front standard movement. Focusing is via rear standard (tailboard). I have rebuilt and used several of these in 5x7 format. They are usable, adequately ridgid as long as you use a solid tripod. But loosen with use/age. If this unit is older, or has had steady use it may need some tightening/tweaking, particularly the drive mechanism. They do fold, but are not very convenient for field use, as there is no front tilt or swing. You can substitute rear tilt to a certain degree. If it's in very good shape, you shouldn't have to pay more than $150US.

James Meckley
12-Apr-2001, 23:48
Matt has given you good information above. I would only add that there is a Model I and a Model II. Model II is the one with the hinged focusing track that folds up parallel to the front standard for portability; Model I, I believe, does not fold.

I have the Model II fitted with a Packard shutter which I use as an elegant pinhole camera when the mood strikes. They typically sell for $100.00 to $150.00; mine came with five or six different backs for various formats, both current and obsolete.