View Full Version : Super Graphic Back: Uncheduled disassembly

Kirk Fry
30-Jul-2008, 00:20
So I am out for my first trial of my new to me super graphic. I wanted to examine the gg with my loupe. The hood seems to be a pressed in frame thingy ??? This is not like my Crown. I get my car key out and pry it out. Everything comes lose, I end up with frame and gg and fesnel coming out. Everything comes apart. Yikes. I push the frame back and break the ground glass. Not a good start. Something is wrong with this picture. After getting home and carefully disassembling the back it appears there were clips at one time on sides of the ground glass. I have 4 empty countersunk holes on the short sides of ground glass. I assume the previous owner removed the clips that held the whole thing together with the hood frame. How is this supposed to work? I think the order of things is smooth side of fresnel toward lens, bumpy side toward the gg with the rough side of gg pointed toward the fresnel and then all clipped down. The hood is then pushed/clipped into the frame???? Anyone know where I can get the clips and screws?
Thanks. K Fry

Jan Nieuwenhuysen
30-Jul-2008, 01:24
Although I can not give you a direct answer to your question, I suggest you also take a look on the graflex.org site, if you have not already done so. I found a wealth of information on my graphic camera (speed) there myself. Also on their forum there are people who are very knowledgable about these cameras.
Good luck!

Peter Lewitt
30-Jul-2008, 06:52

Your order of placement is correct. The hood is held in by friction with two little spring retainers. To remove pop it open and gently pull it away from the frame. The gg and fresnel are held by two retaining clips. Both hood and gg retainers are held by a single screw from the inside (on mine).

The expert and source of parts for these is Fred Lustig of Reno Nevada. My information is 4 years old, but the number I have is 775-746-0111. He bought all the inventory of the last remaining graflex repair service.


30-Jul-2008, 06:59

You have it right -- about the order of the fresnel/GG and the clips.

I don't know where you'll find them, but two places to try are Midwest Camera and Fred Lustig (Reno, NV). I'd suggest you try to talk to Jim at Midwest since some of the phone answering folks may not know about the small stuff that is likely not to be inventoried/advertised. Fred's contact information can be gfound on Graflex.org.