View Full Version : User manual for Wista metal 45 (any)

Roberto Manderioli
12-Apr-2001, 12:07
Hi, I have a Wista 45D which I got without any kind of instruction manual. In th e box there was only a catalog. I wonder if anyone has an instruction manual for this camera (any model among VX,SP,RF or formers) in any kind of electronic for m. I would be very grateful. TIA Ciao Roberto

andrea milano
12-Apr-2001, 13:34
Roberto, ask Mr. Abe at Wista, (I forgot the address of their site, shouldn't be difficult finding it though!) they will prowide you with any information you need, Greetings.

Emil Salek
15-Apr-2001, 10:15
Wista's web site address is: http://www.wista.co.jp/, the email address is: WISTA@mb.infoweb.ne.jp. I however do not remember having received any manual with my Wista VX, when I bought it new about 15 years ago.

andrea milano
15-Apr-2001, 17:16
Well the manual in question is a little more than a leaflet, the concoction resulting fron several translations is at times not-intelligible so don't think that you'll get any fancy book, Wista does send you all the information, I did receive it, they won't be easily quoting prices, but they do if you insist.