View Full Version : Really BIG Heliars

W K Longcor
29-Jul-2008, 12:25
Sorry if I'm re-hashing old stuff, but too many charts confuse me, I'm afraid. I don't see much listed on the charts for Heliars much longer than 42cm. Were longer ones rare or special order? I have a (Beautiful and near mint -- just bragging!) 48cm heliar -- by way of the serial # - it must have been made around 1926 or 1927. Barrel mount and made for only the strongest of studio cameras (heavy!!!!) I even have the original lens cap and tubular box with the Voigtlander script logo on the top. All of this is in the original brown cardboard shipping box. I got it from the son of the original owner ( the son was in his eighties at the time). Just wondering if these BIG lenses were an odd-ball item?

Ole Tjugen
29-Jul-2008, 12:28
Hartmut Thiele lists Heliars up to 600mm, which I take as an indication that they were a regular production item and not "one-offs".