View Full Version : Schneider angulon 120 rear lens cap?

Former Member 8144
29-Jul-2008, 01:11
Does anyone know of sources for any push on lens caps that will fit the rear lens on the schneider angulon 120mm /6.8 old style lenses. I have measured it and it seems to be 37mm?

Preferably in Europe but elsewhere also.

The front is a standard 49mm thread so I have that covered.


Joanna Carter
29-Jul-2008, 02:02
Marc, have you heard of the UKLFPG? We have members all over the UK and, being more local, might be more convenient. www.lf-photo.org.uk/forum

Former Member 8144
29-Jul-2008, 03:00
Thanks Joanna.

Looks like an interesting uk based forum.
I have registered.


Joanna Carter
29-Jul-2008, 03:20
OK Marc, I have approved your application, see you over there

David E. Rose
29-Jul-2008, 05:14
There are two push-on 37mm lens caps listed on the B&H Photh site. One is a Schneider, selling for $12.95, so at least you know they make it.