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28-Jul-2008, 15:55
Hi - I was out today trying out the 5x4 Gandolfi traditional I purchased recently. The ground glass screen I do not like, it is extremely grainy and there are what I can only describe as 'sparkles' over the image area also making focusing difficult. It is not a patch on the screens of my other cameras (Wista, Speed Graphic, Toyo View)

I am sure that the seller claimed that the screen was Satin Snow brand although I cannot check this out - there is no indication if this is a true Satin Snow Screen (I don't want to raise doubts over their products).

I wish to purchase a better screen with a finer grain for the camera and would value the opinions of this forum as to what brand I should go for.

I don't really want to grind my own at present.

Thanks in advance

nn :)

28-Jul-2008, 19:04
I had a half-plate Traditional with a similar ground glass problem. If you can afford it, the MAXWELL screen is far and away the best (IMO).