View Full Version : Parallax spring orientation in a Crown Graphic

John H. Henderson
11-Apr-2001, 09:54
So perhaps this will be hard for someone to explain, but I'll ask anyway.

In the rangefinder mechanism of the top-mounted Crown graphic, inside the body, there is a spring around the shaft that goes through the body to the rangefinder . I forgot to bring my manual to work with me, but I think it is the parallax a djusting shaft. Anyway, this spring seems to be the main means of pressing the arm of the shaft against the cam. Without the spring, the RF doesn't work, beca use the arm doesn't ride along the cam.

So I have the spring, and one end is clearly properly connected to the arm, but it is not wound tightly and the other end doesn't press against anything.

So my question is, where does the other end of the spring go? And how tightly w rapped is this spring?

Of course, I'm in the situation where the first time I'd seen a Graflex was when I opened the shipping box in my apartment, so I can't find something to compare .

I finally got a correct cam for my lens and want to get the thing working for th is summer.

gilles langlois
11-Apr-2001, 17:34
Your chance to obtain an answer will be better if you go to www.graflex.org .They have a message board.I'm sure somebody will have this answer for you.

gilles langlois
12-Apr-2001, 14:13
The Graflex site is down now.They had some problems and had to change of server.Hopefully,they will be back soon.

John H. Henderson
13-Apr-2001, 10:54
I get better answers here.