View Full Version : Heliar 150 mm in Lafayette shutter

27-Jul-2008, 16:09

Does anybody know this "Lafayette Instruments Co." shutter? It is Made in Japan.
I got this Heliar mounted on it. Lens dates 1951 (by serial number).

I am just wondering whether they really fit together or the seller just made it up as a set.

Image on the GG is OK, burning question: is that the best?:confused:

Thanks for any info.


Wagner Lungov

Jon Wilson
27-Jul-2008, 21:25
It is a copal 1 shutter which was made by Lafayette Instruments Co. It is good shutter. I have one which holds my 240mm Docter cells. Assuming the heliar cells are properly mounted in the shutter, then you have a modern shutter and with classic heliar cells. Try it and post some shots. Jon