View Full Version : Anyone using the Fotoman 4x10?

27-Jul-2008, 14:23
Am thinking of getting this camera with a 210mm and 300mm lens, and wondered if anyone on this forum is using it.

Also, does anyone know of any pre-cut film other than Bergger 200 asa?

Finally, how do you scan your film?


29-May-2012, 08:26
I bought 2 some time ago. The first is set up with a 121 SA. The second is really 4X8 since the 90mm f/5.6 SA doesn't cover 10". I just started shooting with the first in New Mexico at Georgia O'Keef's Ghost Ranch. My film was FP4. My local lab was able to process in two 4X5 frames in their dip/dunk processor. I plan to scan on my V750 some time soon. I also have the splitter from Fotoman and a box of 8X10 E6 that is getting old.