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Bryce Vader
27-Jul-2008, 13:13
I am developing Delta 100 Pro for the first time in a JOBO 3005 drum. The recommended volume of chemistry from JOBO is 200ml/sheet= 1000ml for 5-8x10 sheets. Would this be at working strength concentration(1+0) or can I use 1:1 developer to water ratio to get the 1000ml and extend the developing time?
Thanks for your response.

Ron Marshall
27-Jul-2008, 13:21
What developer are you using? Each developer has a specified minimum volume of stock solution, usually specified as per 80 square inches of film.

As long as you have the specified amount of stock per sheet, you can dilute it up to the max total volume that Jobo specifies.

Bryce Vader
27-Jul-2008, 13:52
I am going to use Ilford Perceptal as my first choice or ID-11 as my second.
I do not know what the "specified minimum volume of stock solution" is for each sheet.
JOBO recommends 200ml/8x10 of chemistry. Would this be 200ml of stock solution?

Ron Marshall
27-Jul-2008, 14:17
Jobo does not know what developer you are using. You have to check with the manufacturer for the capacity of each developer.

Here is the link to the Ilford site with the factsheet for ID11, which lists the capacity, the number of sheets (an 8x10 sheet is 80 square inches, same as a 36 frame roll of 35mm) that can be processed per liter (1000ml) of working strength (1:0, undiluted).

The site gives 10 135-36 which is 10 8x10 sheets per liter at 1:0 or 5 sheets per liter at 1:1:


Good luck!

27-Jul-2008, 20:39
I run a liter of chemistry in the 3005 with no problem.

I suppose if one wanted to use even a more dilute developer, one could run a liter of the diluted developer for half amount of time, then empty the drum and fill it with fresh developer and continuing to develop for the remainder of the time. I don't know of anyone who does this, though.