View Full Version : Going to PMA - anybody need anything?

John H. Henderson
8-Feb-2001, 10:42
I'm planning on zipping over to the PMA trade show Sunday afternoon. Any info I can get for anyone?


Bob Salomon
8-Feb-2001, 11:26
PMA is not a show known for large format.

We will be in booth 715 and will show some Linhof, some Rodenstock, some Wista, most Novoflex, all Kaiser ball heads, all Giottos heads, Giottos and Linhof tripods, Giottis monopods, Ergorest, etc. Most of which have applicable large format use.

But to see all large format you will have to wait for Photo East which is a professional consumer show.

PMA is a dealer show and many large format dealers do not attend it.

Of course no dealer exhibts at PMA. It is a show where manufacturers and distributors exhibit for camera stores and foreign distributors.

John H. Henderson
8-Feb-2001, 11:29
Well, I have 35mm, and MF cameras, too. And it is in the neighborhood. I can't go to any shows unless they're in central Florida.

Sean Billy Bob Boy yates
8-Feb-2001, 11:47
I hear the guy just to the left of the registration booth makes a Heckuva Reuben. Could you Fed Ex me one to Chicago?

John H. Henderson
8-Feb-2001, 11:53
Send me a real Chicago style deep dish pizza. One of my professors always talked of Papa Dell's.

I think B&H carries Reubens!

Li Lin
8-Feb-2001, 14:55
Could you please keep an eye on the Chinese made 4x5 cameras? Under the brand name ShenBao or Seagull. I heard people say it's pretty good and very good price performence ratio.


8-Feb-2001, 15:16
Those Seagull made wooden folding cameras all bear "Shen Hao" name. I have a digial version of their catalog. Just drop me an email if anyone is interested in their products. They will come up to meet me in New York City between 2/15-16 before heading home. If someone wants to play their cameras, I can arrange a meeting.

Ellis Vener
8-Feb-2001, 18:47
The very talented engineers at the Rodenstock optical works would like a good German-to-English technical/scientific dictionary.

Ellis Vener
8-Feb-2001, 21:37
The above was agood natured joke referring to the MTF and MTF again threads. I love my Rodenstock lenses an d Heliopan filters. I don't care what the charts say, I love the results.

andrea milano
9-Feb-2001, 01:20
Could you please go to visit Shen Hao at stand #1027? I have previously invited all contributors to go and visit this new company and look at their new large formats, I'd like to share my experience with other contributors since I recently begun importing their cameras in Europe. Bring my regards to Mr. Perry Wang and share with us your impressions. Thanks!

Bill Glickman
9-Feb-2001, 02:50
See when keith Canham will be releasing his 6x17 back for 5x7? Thanks


David Willis
9-Feb-2001, 03:36
I'm interested in knowing about these Chinese LF cameras. I haven't found out much, except the importer/wholesaler is Great Choice Inc. in Georgia (770) 977-4368. But they can't sell to the public and I haven't found a retailer who does.

Thanks, Dave

andrea milano
9-Feb-2001, 07:46
Abaut the Shen Hao, better get in touch with them directly at http://www.camerachina.com or e-mail perry@camerachina.com To mr. Perry Wang. I am the Dutch importer(at least having bought four cameras and sold one I feel myself entitled to the title!)and would sell to rivates but selling across the Atlantic seems to me a way to finance the custom and post service, so I sell only in Europe. Good luck! In writing Shen Hao, please quote my name.

andrea milano
9-Feb-2001, 07:48
Abaut was about and my typing stinks! I know!

John H. Henderson
9-Feb-2001, 11:06
Nein. Sie haben nicht Woerterbucher bei PMA!


paul owen
9-Feb-2001, 15:09
Yes! Ask Agfa why they've axed APX25?????????