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26-Jul-2008, 21:27
Hi Large Format Folk

I have a Tachihari I need to open up and photograph to sell on ebay, but it seems to be locked tight by a metal flap that is screwed into place with a very small screw. I thought I had the right size screwdriver and thought I was making progress and the screw was unscrewing, but now I think I may have shot the screw head. If I have, how do I get it open. Or isn't this the way to open it?


26-Jul-2008, 21:36
this might help?


26-Jul-2008, 21:46
this might help?

Thank you Andrew, I was just looking at that. Whoops I meant Tachihara. I havent seen anything about the tiny screw, though I believe the metal flap I mentioned is pointed out as 1. Camera Folding Clamp.

26-Jul-2008, 22:09
Yikes, I don't know if its the correct solution, but the other screws holding the Camera Folding Clasp where easy to unscrew, so the clamp could then be lifted off the other tiny screw, that I have a feeling is not to be removed. Then you have the option of screwing the clasp back and folding it upwards away from the bellows. Or simply leaving it off. Well if anyone has any contradictory info, I will assume this is the correct solution.
PS, phwew, it only took a couple of hours of angst to resolve this, for me that's good ; )
PPS At least I came across the Tachihara manual in the search for help with this, very useful.

Jon Shiu
26-Jul-2008, 22:26
Hi, the clasp is pretty tight, but it is just supposed to swing up and out of the way to allow the camera to unfold. I never use mine because it is so tight to unclasp.

Oh, the little screw is not supposed to be removed and is underneath the clasp when the clasp is in the closed position. The screw just acts as a "catch", or pin, for the hole in the clasp.


27-Jul-2008, 00:39
try loosening the two side knobs that alow the back to rotate into position, then try pressing the camera closed tighter than it normally is when locked, this will help the clasp slide out easier. The clasp may be tight, is there a thumb screw that can be loosened? On the 8x10, you can loosen the thumb screw and the clasp will slide out easily.

27-Jul-2008, 01:40
i've been looking at mine and there's a small screw that the clasp fits over and the clasp has a hole to slip over the screw head...
mine's pretty loose but it gets tighter when the little screw is screwed out more
could the screw have been screwed out too much in which case screwing it in might help?
I'm a little confused by the description, is there any chance you mean that someone has removed that screw and run it thru the hole in the clasp to specifically lock the camera closed???? in that case you need to remove it.
maybe you could post a picture so people can see exactly what the problem with your tach is?

27-Jul-2008, 02:03
My theory is.....Use gentle force on the clasp as-is then slowly and easy try tightening and untightening those screws. Most of the time it'll be that someone has made the clasp tight for storage and transport - so it doesn't open and get damaged.