View Full Version : 4x5 fish-eye lens

Paul Ewins
26-Jul-2008, 20:35
I bought a Komura lens brochure recently and in amongst the LF lenses was diagrams of two lenses listed as "available soon". One was a 240 f/6.3 and the other was the "Fish Eye Komura 33mm f/4.5 for 4x5 format". As far as I could find out from Google this doesn't exist but since a lens diagram was included I thought it worth scanning and posting.


28-Jul-2008, 20:02
I've seen 47mm lens but never a 33mm. Even with a recessed lensboard the lens would be up against the ground glass.

john wilton
28-Jul-2008, 22:03
...the lens would be up against the ground glass.

The cross-section shows the design is heavily retrofocus...both front glass and second glass convex, so there should be plenty of room. Or would have been if it were made. Hate to think what the cost would have been.

Paul Ewins
28-Jul-2008, 22:31
The retrofocus part doesn't surprise me since Komura's 75mm and 90mm lenses are supposed to be retrofocus designs. I have the Pentax 67 rectilinear fish-eye and the focal length for that is 35mm so I wonder whether the Komura would have been a circular design.