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26-Jul-2008, 14:32
Today I bought into LF, I Just purchased an older 5x7 Seneca today because I have always wanted to try it, although I know 5x7 is the oddball, It just seemed to be in really decent shape. Its black and seems to have movements on the back more so than the front. The unit can be changed from landscape to portrait by unclipping the glass viewing screen and then reattaching it. The unit has an older Wollensack lens in a BETAX shutter. I will be very eager to order some film for this, I have read that enlargers are scarce for this size so will be trying to learn how to do contact prints... I think.

Walter Calahan
26-Jul-2008, 14:37
Enjoy the fun.

Nathan Potter
26-Jul-2008, 14:56
Welcome to the Forum. There is no LF "oddball" camera gear. Only LF photographers are "oddball". 5X7 is a dandy format. Have a great time experimenting.

Nate Potter

John Kasaian
26-Jul-2008, 16:56

26-Jul-2008, 17:23

Welcome to the club... 5x7 is a great format to shoot.

For film, try Jeff at Badger Graphics. They usually have a good supply of both B&W and color films in stock.


curtis roberts
26-Jul-2008, 18:39
Welcome I made a box with an enlarger bulb mounted on the back of my 4x5 until i got a D 2 Have Fun

Bruce Barlow
27-Jul-2008, 04:06
5x7 contact prints are the reason I started using 5x7.

steve simmons
27-Jul-2008, 07:01
If you go to the Free Articles section of the View Camera web site you will find a couple of articles on 5x7. The proportions are very nice for most subjects.

Here is some readig that might behelpful

Jim Stone's book User's Guide to the View Camera

my book Using the View Camera

check your local library. Either/both of these books have been very helpful to beginners.

steve simmons

28-Jul-2008, 11:19

Is it the Seneca Improved? I have an older Improved, light wood rather than black. I bought my as my first LF and only shoot 4X5 with it as it came with a reducing back but now have holders and film for the 5X7. My also came with a Wollensak lens.

Enjoy the camera and hope it works out great for you.

28-Jul-2008, 11:31
A couple of years ago I went to a show that was all 5x7 contact prints. They were quite intimate and a very refreshing break from the more typically extra large prints that everyone shows these days - I enjoyed them very much. Have fun with your camera!

- Randy

2-Aug-2008, 11:38
hello, me too

3-Aug-2008, 10:32
great. 5x7 is a nice format. look into van dyke brown contact printing. it is a lot of fun. i bought the chemicals and mix it up myself. with about 50-75 worth of chemicals you have enough chemicals to print for a "lifetime"

here are some prints i made yesterday. (4x5)



3-Aug-2008, 16:38

I started with 4x5 and happened to have 5x7 and my 4x5 is sleeping. I recently bought a 8x10.

Scott Kathe
4-Aug-2008, 08:30
I've been shooting 4x5 for a while now and I am planing on getting a 5x7 next year. I've been under a self imposed no new equipment rule for this year. Some how I picked up an RZ67 so I guess my rule was/is no new Large Format equipment this year;)

Welcome, I think you may be starting with the ideal format!